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The Hildegard Grunow Foundation intends to contribute to the solution of world nutrition problems. Learn more about our concepts and our committment.

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Our foundation supports projects that serve to improve the nutritional situation and thus promoting health and well-being in socially disadvantaged societies.

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The scientific commitment of the foundation precipitates publications. This is a collection of scientific papers promoted and/or sponsored by the Hildegard Grunow Foundation.

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The Hildegard Grunow Foundation

Statutable aim and primary goal of the foundation is to develop, adapt, and control intervention strategies that help to solve Third World nutrition problems. Intervention strategies may have consequences that are hazardous to health. Such hazards need to be recognized, avoided and controlled for.

In this context promising techniques are to be adapted and tested in the field, though commercial companies may have developed them primarily for different purposes. This requires intensive exchange of ideas with engaged and possibly supportive parties. Particularly promising techniques in early stages of their development that are not yet sufficiently advanced to apply successfully for large scale support are to be detected and put to the test.

These tasks require technical understanding, engagement and insight into the respective local nutritional problems. Therefore, to support training and qualification of young scientists in nutrition, food sciences and related subjects is among our statutable aims. The foundation supports the involvement of students from industrialized countries in Third World nutritional projects and, vice versa, training and qualification of respective students from developing countries in Europe or North America.

Hildegard Grunow Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization in compliance with German law and can hand out tax exempting receipts for donated money. On request, donations can be targeted to specific projects, if these are compatible with the goals of the foundation.

HGF is a small foundation and the revenues from its capital stock are but the famous “drop in the ocean” in face of the enormous size of the task, i.e. of the pressing nutritional questions in face of expanding populations. The need to work on the scientific basis required for sustainable solutions of nutritional questions seems obvious and donations are warmly welcome.

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