Rainer Gross Prize 2010

RGP Ulla Gross, Aaron Lechtig, Angela Cespedes

Dr. Ursula Gross, widow of the late Rainer Gross, hands the award to Aaron Lechtig in the presence of the smiling second awardee Angela Cespedes

Solutions for World Food Problems

The first Rainer Gross Prize goes to a nutritionist and a medical scientist

The Rainer Gross Prize recognizes recent innovations that show promise to improve nutrition in developing countries. On September 25, 2010 during the II World Congress of Public Health Nutrition in Porto, Portugal, the Hildegard Grunow Foundation awarded the prize for the first time.

In accordance with the objectives of the Foundation the Prize supports the development of innovative solutions for the broad range of problems in Third World nutrition. This fits in with the news coverage on the UN Millenium Summit, September 20 to 22, 2010 in New York, which focused public interest on the impact of climate change, credit crunch and food price speculation on Third World nutrition. Moreover, the meeting of the UN Committee on World Food Security in Rome ended on World Food Day, October 16, 2010.

Dr. Rainer Gross was in charge of the UNICEF Department on Nutrition until his untimely death in 2006. He was devoted to investigate the impact of micronutrients on health and physical as well as mental development in children. Moreover he introduced a number of innovations to improve micronutrient supply in Indonesia, Peru and Brazil.

The 2010 Rainer Gross Award went to Angela Cespedes, a nutritionist holding various postgraduate degrees, who is Regional Nutrition Advisor for the World Food Program in Mesoamerica, and to Aaron Lechtig, who holds an MD, MPH and PhD degree and is president of the International Agency for Food Security. Both awardees worked independently, in Panama and Peru, on model projects that improved nutrition, living standards and the hygienic situation, and investigated their mutual supportive impact on the physical and intellectual development and educational achievements in children.

The results of Angela Cespedes’ work has been accepted for publication in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin (FNB); Aaron Lechtig’s work can be read in FNB(2009)30:37-48.

The Rainer Gross Prize will be awarded on a biennial basis, with the next award being made in 2012.

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