Rainer Gross Prize 2014



How do infections interfere with the the assessment of the vitamin A status?

For his contribution to resolve this question the third Rainer Gross Prize was conferred to David Thurnham, UK, during the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition on November 10, 2014 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

Klaus Schümann’s speech during the Award Ceremony

Thank you, Erik and Noel, for the vivid reports. But a “legacy” is not reflected by memories alone. It is his curious spirit that we want to keep alive. This is the purpose of the Rainer Gross Award endowed by the “Hildegard Grunow  Foundation”. Let me shortly introduce this Foundation to you. It is very small. Funded by the heritage of the late  Hildegard Grunow, it was founded in 2007 by Noel Solomons, the tax-lawyer Klaus Naeve, and myself, and with that pedigree is clearly research-oriented. Its task is capacity building in the field of Third-World-Nutrition and to hatch,
test and monitor new ideas and concepts in nutrition – to serve as an “incubation aid” for new faces and concepts.

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Klaus Schümann’s Rainer Gross Award Presentation

3rd Rainer Gross Award, Gran Canaria, November 2014
Welcome to this year’s award ceremony

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David Thurnham: The Prize Winner’s Presentation

Rainer Gross Award Ceremony
David I. Thurnham
Howard Professor of Human Nutrition (Emeritus)
University of Ulster


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Publication in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin

Inflammation and Vitamin A