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Lachende MädchenHGF is a small foundation and the revenues from its capital stock are but the famous “drop in the ocean” in face of the enormous size of the task, i.e. of the pressing nutritional questions in face of expanding populations. We work on the scientific basis of sustainable solutions for nutritional questions. To support this quest donations are warmly welcome.

Hildegard Grunow Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization in compliance with German law and is entitled to hand out tax exempting receipts for donated money under German law. On request, donations can be dedicated to specific projects, if these are compatible with the goals of the foundation.

Donation receipt

For every donation you may receive a tax exempting receipt for donated money under German law at the beginning of the following year. If you should need a different or earlier receipt, you are always welcome to contact us under or call +49 (0)89 85639761.

Does your donation serve your intended purpose?

We cooperate directly and on-site with our promoted partners. Our administrative expenses are low and are covered by the revenues from the foundation’s capital stock. Donations are directly invested in our projects. Of course you can take part in the decision, to which project your donated money will be dedicated. You want to support a certain project or may be you want to invest in our capacity building of young academics? Contact us – your donation for the Hildegard Grunow Foundation will be used issue-related.

Grants and Work Experiences

Although our successes are considerable – the Hildegard Grunow Foundation is small and its funds limited. Normally our revenues are bound in our current projects and capacity building funds. If you should be interested in a practical work experience at the CeSSIAM investigation centre, you are welcome to contact us, preferably by e-mail. 

The Hildegard Grunow Foundation for Nutrition Research (HGF)

The HGF is a nonprofit foundation, located in Munich, Germany.

(1) Its purpose is to promote and sponsor research in the fields of nutrition and food science, as applied to public health and medicine, including molecular, toxicological and physiological aspects, as well as ecology and conservation of natural resources. One focus of the Foundation is on the interaction between nutrition, health and ecology, whereas another is on training of young scientists and health professionals and local capacity building of emerging institutions, both focused preferentially in the developing world.

Moreover, HGF supports research projects on the interaction among dietary components and their impact on homoeostatically regulated mechanisms to reveal the interrelationships among nutrition, health, and environmental ecology.

(2) Towards these ends, HGF supports specifically:

a) Field research projects in nutrition with evident potential for the goals mentioned above, which are not yet sufficiently advanced to attract funding from more formal donors and granting agencies.

b) Publication in scientific journals and dissemination at national and international congress meetings of new findings in the aforementioned fields of research.

c) Scholarship for the training of young professionals and local capacity building in developing countries.